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Our wide range of Beverage Solutions will help you explore the world of Hot & Cold beverages. From mouth-watering coffee drinks to refreshing shakes, we’ve got a host of recipes for all the occasions.

So, get the great recipes for beverages right away!

  • Basil NESTEA

    A quencher for summer thirst.

  • Choco Frappé

    Indulge in the most delicious drink ever.

  • Cinnamon Frappé

    A soother to your taste buds.

  • Garden Frost NESTEA

    A cooler to refresh your mind.

  • Green Apple NESTEA

    Enjoy a healthy Nestea with green apple.

  • Hazelnut Frappé

    Enjoy Hazelnut frappe to beat the temperature.

  • Masala NESTEA

    Enjoy your Nestea with a desi masala twist.

  • Strawberry Frappe

    In love with Strawberries, you will love this too!