7 Ways to make your kitchen look attractive

Posted: Tuesday 07, 2016

Although most large restaurants have a kitchen that remains hidden from the public, the staff working inside still need inspiration and adding a dab of colour could even improve their productivity. Compartmentalize – A for Alcohol, B for Barbecue, C for Chopping The preparation of every dish has a set procedure - planning, resourcing, mixing and serving. If your counters are well laid out, you could actually have a structured system to make things happen in record time. With the bar and desert counters adjacent to each other, you wouldn’t want your mixologist accidentally using milk powder assuming that it would be refined salt, would you? Departmentalize Agreed that your chef and sous chefs have the dishes planned out in their minds. But when their hands are already full, you could appoint a manager to exclusively oversee the coffee beverages in case one of the regular customer specifically demands for a particular way of preparation. Store things differently If your food is being served in spotless white plates, let the ingredients be stored in colour coded mason jars or containers. That way you can either chose to label it or leave it transparent, making things easily available; while livening up the shelves. You can even have marshmallow and candies for the staff who demonstrate an exemplary performance during the day. Plan a theme If your restaurant is all decked up, why should your kitchen be bland? Carry on the same décor as outside, subtly minimizing the interiors that allows for work to happen while lightning up the atmosphere. You can even have a product of the week; imagine how you could host a nestle maggi day! White walls drive attention not creativity An innovative mural on the wall, funky table tops, unique shaped cutlery are small measures that will definitely put a smile on the faces of the people that it comes in contact with. You can even add decals to the walls and may be a dart board in one far corner of the room; making them more driven to deliver quality with finesse. Go Green Potted plants near the windowsill or a moneyplant hanging from a coconut kernal on the wall, a little magic of green in the surroundings, refreshes the mind and keeps it going. Besides if you manage to get space outside the kitchen, sow a mini garden of organically grown fruits and vegetables. Weekly once, let the ingredients talk The kitchen arena is nothing less than a classroom. Instead of cooking up a ‘dish of the day’, throw a challenge to the staff to take one ingredient and make as many dishes as they can imagine. You can then call it the ‘egglplant’ or the ‘oregano’ day!