Catering to Millennials – Things to keep in mind

Posted: Thursday 23, 2016

Millennials form an increasingly growing segment of consumers and are setting trends for the Food & Beverage industry. They like things their way and the industry is gradually moulding itself to cater to their needs. So what should you do to gain their trust and loyalty? Here are a few tips. Be sure of your menu Millennials are the inquisitive bunch. They will have a lot more questions about the options on the menu card than you would have possibly heard ever before. So, be prepared to answer their queries in the best possible way. If they feel that you are not giving them the entire truth about the food they are about to eat, chances are, they won’t come back. Food Options For the millennials, a lot of things depend on their mood. On one day, they may want a completely healthy diet while on another day, they may want to give the good a break! That’s why it is imperative that you have a lot of options on your menu. If trends are anything to go by, more and more millennials are opting for healthy, nutritional food and therefore, don’t leave the healthy out of your menu. Presentation They are always enthused by something new and different when it comes to food presentation. Anything that is presented in a fun, quirky or unique way, appeals to them. It may be the same old burger or rajma-rice; if it looks awesome, it might taste likewise too. Millennials love sharing pictures of their food and drinks if they find it interesting and different and are absolutely capable of making you famous overnight! Keep pace with time This generation likes to get things done smoothly and easily. If they walk in to your café and want a take away, they will most likely pay using a card. Now, if you do not have that option, you lose them! If someone wants a cuppa coffee to be packed for a take away, make sure you pack it right. If the coffee has reduced to half thanks to the spillage due to bad packaging by the time the coffee reaches its destination, chances are that you will be all over social media but obviously, for all the wrong reasons. Thus you need must invest in better things to cater to the millennials. Millennials love the idea of experiencing new things and are willing to pay its worth. So, your task would be to give them something that meets their expectations and values. If you can do that, you have their life-long allegiance.