Exotic Fruit Juices From Around the World

Posted: Tuesday 07, 2016

People’s health consciousness is on the rise and it is important to be sensitive to their transformed preferences - especially if you are in the restaurant business. And with detox juices being the talk of the town, what better time than summer to give your Mocktail menu a makeover? Here’s a list of uncommon yet flavour-packed thirst-quencher combinations, which people will grab in the blink of an eye: 1. Minty Peach and Plum Juice Well, this peachy-plum juice doesn’t require much effort. Peaches and plums both being stone fruits, deseeding them is fairly simple. Plus, the skin of these fruits is edible and leaving it on will not particularly affect the taste - not to mention the skin is where the nutrients are. To make its flavour come out better, add a considerable amount of mint leaves! 2. Mangosteen and Pineapple Juice Pineapple and Mangosteen when paired together work their magic like none other. Though both these tropical fruits have sweet & sour traits, they still manage to have a distinct flavour of their own. The juice turns into a pastel orange colour when the pineapple mixes with deep-purple mangosteen. All it needs is a little sweetener if the juice tastes sour. 3. Pomelo & Pear Juice Pomelo is cultivated in abundance in India just like in other tropical countries, yet remains widely uncommon. More frequently known as grapefruit, the pristine pink citrus fruit makes a very good drink when combined with pears. The tanginess of the pomelo, together with sweet fleshy pears is an absolutely irresistible concoction. 4. Red Grapes, Kiwi and Apple Juice Both, red grapes and kiwis are known to be good sources of Vitamin C, which packs this juice with a punch of antioxidants. Moreover, apples are rich in dietary fibres, thus sealing the deal. Make sure the red grapes are a seedless variety or it’ll be a painstaking job deseeding them. Blend the fruits together and there you have it! 5. Passion Fruit, Mango and Lemon Juice The unusual combination of passion fruit and mango gives this juice a nectar-like taste. Scoop out the passion fruit pulp and add to it ripe mango pieces. While blending together, squeeze some lemon juice in it. This’ll help balance the sweetness and allow you to experience a miracle in the very first sip.