Innovative Ways to Seek and Implement Customer Feedback

Posted: Tuesday 08, 2016

When you’re selling something, it is of utmost importance to receive customer feedback. That way, you get to examine how well what you do is working out. Here are some innovative ways to seek and implement customer feedback. Telephonic Survey One of the most basic, but effective ways to get feedback and collect data is through a telephonic survey. Connecting with your customer after the sale is a wise gesture. For example, as a café owner, you may ask your customers how they liked the coffee dispensed from your new Nestle Coffee Vending Machine. In case they are unhappy, ask them for tips on what could’ve been better. Taking the first-hand feedback makes consumers feel important. Feedback Forms A feedback is the key to improvement. You can give your customers physical feedback forms right after their visit or send them via email. This will help you to give a better experience to your customers. Website Activity Another way to find out about the user experience is by pulling in customers to your website and engaging them on the ‘Live Chat’ section present in the website. In this age of digitization, customers are looking forward to instant replies and would definitely appreciate you catering to their queries. Also, in this process, you can observe the customer’s activity on your website. Monitoring Social Media Consumer today are active on social media and there is a possibility of them having shared their experience on your social media pages. Engaging with them on these platforms can ensure them that their feedback is being taken into consideration. This may also encourage them to share their views the next time. Feedback is essential to run a business smoothly. Therefore, ensuring timely collection of customer feedback is a definite yes.