Making the Walls of Your Café Talk

Posted: Monday 22, 2016

A café should always have an identity of its own. With an increasing number of cafes, what will set your venture apart from the rest? Certainly, quality of food and service are two of the most important factors. The other differentiator could be the interior décor of your café, specially the walls. The walls of your café can act as wide canvases for you to elaborate the character of your café on. So, here are some ideas. The brick look If your café has a casual, relaxed and chic character, a raw brick look could be an excellent option for your walls. It is rugged yet classy and has an appeal of its own. Add in some greenery Some greenery could do no harm. A few potted plants on a wall or some vines crawling up or down or sideways – it could look very nice and different. If you opt for crawlers, you can form some patterns and designs too. Decide the kind of light you want to put on them and also figure the amount of sunlight they can get. Keeping both in mind, choose the perfect place. How about some coffee? If one of the main offerings of your eatery is coffee, then pass on some coffee to your walls too. You can make shelves on one wall and place nice glass jars filled with various types of coffee beans. Make arrangements to focus some dim lights on them to add to the interiors of your café. Engage the readers For the bookworms who visit you, transform one of the walls into a mini library. These days, book shelves are available in numerous innovative shapes and sizes. You won’t fall short of options for sure. In this way you can attract more consumers with something different to offer. Showcase your merchandise Make shelves on walls and showcase the various kinds of merchandise you might have to offer. Choose a wall which is closer to the entrance as it will attract maximum number of eyeballs. That will help add colour to your café and also expand your business. Choose a theme To keep innovating the look of your café, you may opt for a theme for a period of a month or a quarter or a year and change it after that. As is said, change is the only constant in life, and, some change at regular intervals with help you stay relevant. Once you have finalised on a theme, you can choose various accessories and decorations around it and give your café an impressive look. Why waste the walls in your café when you have these interesting options to improvise on? Give them some life and add in some colour – your guests will love them too!