Seven Essential Values that Form the Core of Service Industry

Posted: Tuesday 08, 2016

With customers becoming the focal point, serviceability has taken the centre-stage. However, to provide and maintain efficient service, there are some essential values that one must understand and implement. Listed below are seven such values.

Understanding the Customer

Know the services you provide in and out. From every service you’ve listed to all the additional benefits you provide, you should able to upsell. At the same time, you must understand the mind-set of your customers so that you can offer them something which complements their preferences. For instance, offering them cookies to go with their Cappuccino.

Taking an Innovative Route

Unlike a product that can be constantly modified using technology, you need to be more creative when you are in the service industry. Innovation and creativity in your service can ensure greater customer interest and loyalty.

Honest Communications

While providing a certain service, it is important to keep your customers informed about everything that goes into it. This builds loyalty amongst the customers so they know you are not hiding anything from them or deluding them with fancy promises that you don’t intend to keep.

Being Accountable

Always have people or representatives in-charge. In case something goes wrong, there are people to take responsibility and manage the situation. Taking accountability of what has gone wrong will ensure the customers they’re being heard. In case there is something wrong with the table snack you’ve served, ensure you take responsibility, apologise and replace it immediately.

Customer Service

The management needs to be approachable and this can be achieved by having a stellar customer service in place. Be answerable to questions related to the service, address their concerns or consider the feedback shared.

Bottom-Up Approach

Being in the service industry it is essential to listen to the employees who are in-charge of direct interaction with the customers. A Bottom-Up Model can help you understand the customers’ needs better as well as the challenges faced by your employees. Innovating better strategies can enhance your service.

Unique Offerings

In order to make your customers feel special, you must adapt a unique customer service approach. For example, offering your customers a unique Nestlé coffee beverage at your Cafeteria. It can be your unique point of difference that acts like a magnet, turning your customers into patrons.