The Influence Of Ambience On Customer Loyalty

Posted: Thursday 23, 2016

There are many reasons why a customer might or might not come back to your restaurant. The reasons might be objective (like such as bad service, poor quality of food, unsatisfactory taste etc.) or very subjective (like such as dislike for a particular colour or the smell of the place, dissatisfaction with food options etc.). However, there is one thing that is, in most cases, taken very seriously by consumers and that is AMBIENCE. Colours Matter Depending on the kind of cuisine you offer, you can make use of colours to set the mood of your eatery. You can also choose a theme and choose colour patterns accordingly. Most of us associate with certain colours in similar ways. For example, blue is associated with water and has a soothing effect, green has a calming effect, red is associated with fire and passion and attracts attention, and yellow is bright and cheerful and feels fresh. Create your brand’s identity Ambience is an excellent tool which you can use to create a unique identity for your brand. See if you can find a way in which you can integrate your logo or the colours of your logo into any art work or paint. People do keep going back to a place because they love the environment. Music Always bear this in mind – music is a part of the ambience you want to create. In keeping with the theme of your restaurant, choose the right kind of music. If a group of friends are trying to have a conversation and you have extremely loud music drilling into their ears, it could be a turn off. On the other hand, if a group of employees have come to your café to relax, have a cuppa coffee and unwind over some good music, you shouldn’t set your sound system at inaudible limits. Although different kinds of ambience appeal to different kinds of consumers, a good ambience can never go to waste! Eating is more of an experience than just an activity. Your consumer’s experience will depend on the options you offer, what you are serving, how and in what set-up you are serving it. (Let’s look at another quote that goes well with what you have written in the article)