Things To Keep Customers Engaged While They Wait

Posted: Thursday 23, 2016

We do not like to wait; especially when we are hungry or in need of a steaming cup of coffee or craving of a chocolate-filled donut. Keeping that though in mind, it only seems prudent that you find ways in which you can keep your guests engaged while they wait for their food. Here are few suggestions. Finger Foods Serve a good portion of finger foods for your guests to nibble on while you prepare their order. Serve a small portion of salad or kimchi or breads-n-dips. That will keep them preoccupied and also keep their hunger in check. Play some music Play some local music by a local musician or band. People connect better with local arts and language and you can get your guests involved too by asking them to vote for their favourite singer or band on Facebook or Twitter. You could also ask them to comment or tweet about who they would want to hear play on their next visit. Keep them reading Place leaflets, cards or tent cards on the table with interesting information or trivia about various things. These cards could also have interesting bits of facts about your restaurant/café. You can also promote your menu, new additions or soon-to-be-introduced items using these cards. You can tell them about special events, happy hours, discounts, combo offers and customer loyalty programs among other things. While these cards keep the customers engaged in reading, they can also act as a direct marketing mechanism for you. Provide free Wi-Fi A simple way in which you can keep your customers occupied is by providing them with internet connectivity. While you prepare their cup of NESCAFÉ Nestle coffee, just as they wanted it, they can take a tour of the World Wide Web and keep themselves occupied. After all, the amount of matter on the internet is never-ending and engaging. Games Formulate some fun games for your guests. They need not be fancy and high on technology but they should be engaging. To site an example, you can use something as simple as the table. Print a pattern of any board game (like Chess or Ludo) on the table and keep a set a pawns or dice. These games are interesting and can be played by kids and adults alike. Thus, if you have a family as your guests, you can keep both the kids and parents engaged.