Ways to identify the right music for your restaurant

Posted: Tuesday 07, 2016

Different music genres suit different moods at different intervals of time in the day. Soft un-disturbing music flowing in the background while the customers devour an equally delicious meal, can add as a contributing factor to an individual’s overall dining experience. Rock, pop, jazz, country, how do you know what best suits your restaurant? When there is a crowd and the orders tend to get delayed, it is the music that sub-consciously keeps the crowd engaged. Even if a customer walks in just to have a cup of Nescafé, it makes a difference. Firstly, while picking the music, keep in mind that it represents the personality of your restaurant. Ask yourself a few questions - Do you have a theme? What is the kind of food you serve? Is your restaurant located far off from the city to handle some dance beats? Even going to the extent of figuring out whether the music in the background will affect the conversations that your staff has with the customer, hoping that neither voices get muffled; helps! A pre-planned playlist works wonders. Is your restaurant a fun-filled place where youngsters prefer to have their luncheon? Is it a favourite spot for families with children? Or do you have a takeaway outlet where people can grab a working lunch? You may personally love the evergreen hits, but does that go with the restaurant’s persona? Imagine having to listen to instrumental all day long; it can get monotonous after a while. A little effort in taking time off to plan for the day will go a long way. Be it a selection of songs well timed to cater to the hot afternoons, or the comparatively cooler evenings. Asking for feedback. Add in a question inquiring the kind of music that the customer would like to be treated to in the feedback form; you would be surprised at the responses. Some may say they want to be exposed to the latest trends, while some will favour the classic blues. Catering to all may be a little difficult, but then, if you wish to bring out the character of your restaurant; although abstract and intangible, music is the key. You may not be sharing your secret Nestlé recipe of making the classic choc-oat-chip cookies, or even the varied ways of coffee made by nestle, but you are definitely sharing a moment. Music can also be created by a band performing live as well, but, will your restaurant be apt for it?