MAGGI Professional Red Thai Curry Paste
MAGGI Professional Red Thai Curry Paste

MAGGI® Professional Red Thai Curry Paste

A Thai Style red curry paste made with ingredients ubiquitous in Thai cuisine like Galangal powder, Lemongrass powder, Added flavour of Lemongrass and Kaffir lime along with other ingredients like Red Chilli.This packet provides an effortless way to make a variety of Thai Red Curry base dishes in no time.

Product Usage

Versatile - Can be used for multiple Thai applications- Soups, curries, for marination, barbeque and salad dressing. Checkout our recipe section for more details.

Features & Benefits

  • 100% vegetarian curry paste
  • Locally manufactured in Nestle Moga to ensure consistent supplies
  • Flowing consistency ensures no lump formation
  • Comes in two variants: Red & Green thai curry paste (checkout the MAGGI® Professional Green Thai Curry Paste as well)

Pack Details

SKU : 12 x 1kg
Shelf Life : 9 months