Hazelnut Frappe

Enjoy Hazelnut frappe to beat the temperature.

Hazelnut Frappe Recipe for Cold Beverage Vending Machine
  • Type: Beverages
  • Product: Frio


  • Café Frappe from Frio (Cold Beverage Solution from Nescafé)
  • Hazelnut Flavor- Monin
  • Nestlé Kit Kat/ Munch


  • 1. Pour 15ml of Hazelnut Syrup (Monin) in a Cocktail mixer
  • 2. Add 200 ml of Frappe, freshly dispensed from the Frio
  • 3. Add 8-10 cubes of ice
  • 4. Shake it well till you get sufficient froth
  • 5. Pour into a Tall Transparent glass and add a Nestle Munch/ Kit Kat on top before serving

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