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NESCAFÉ® SUNRISE® Extra is an instant coffee-chicory blend. The slow roasted beans give the perfect aroma, ensuring your customer enjoys an irresistible taste of coffee.

  • Made from the fine blends of 60% coffee and 40% chicory.
  • Specially designed to delight your South Indian consumers with perfect taste and aroma of South Indian Style Coffee.
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Instant Coffee with Chicory Blend

NESCAFÉ® SUNRISE® is an instant coffee chicory blend of 60% coffee and 40% chicory.

Wow your South Indian customers

The special blend of coffee and chicory makes for a unique, strong cup of South Indian Style coffee.

Easy to Use

Just Add hot water, hot milk & sugar!

SKU specs

3 sizes available:
5x200gm Daily Freshness Pack
1kg pack


1kg yields 800 cups (1.25gm coffee/cup)

Storage Information

Store the instant coffee powder in a cool, dry, and hygienic place. To ensure lasting freshness, transfer the contents into an airtight container. Always use a dry spoon.

Shelf Life

18 months

Key Ingredients

Coffee Beans & Chicory.

  • Add 1/2 tsp (1.25gm) of NESCAFÉ®️ SUNRISE® Extra and sugar to taste in a cup.

  • Add a mix of hot milk and water (not boiling) to this.

  • Blend well to stir up the froth.

  • Enjoy a delicious cup of NESCAFÉ® SUNRISE®️ Extra.

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