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Uplift your customers’ mood with a delicious, frothy and chilled glass of cold coffee that scores high on quality and taste. Whether it’s a perfect sit-down catch-up with friends or a quick on-the-go pick-me-up, this chilled refreshment, made using NESCAFÉ Ice premix, will invigorate their senses with its creamy and flavourful taste!


Once dispensed from our cold vending machine Frio or Frio Lite, you can also customize the drink using flavoured syrups to expand your cold beverage menu. We recommend Hazelnut Frappe and Irish Frappe for indulgent cold coffee-based drinks.


This product can also be dispensed through a hot coffee vending machine such as Premio to give Vanillaccino – a soothing cup of rich and creamy vanilla-flavoured Cappuccino.

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15 cups of 200ml serve size (cold consumption)
45 cups of 150ml serve size (hot consumption)

Storage Information

Store in a cool, dry and hygienic place.

Shelf Life

6 months


Milk solids, Sugar, Instant coffee - chicory mixture (8.0%) (Coffee (4.8%) and Chicory), Iodised salt, Artificial (Vanilla) flavouring substance and Nature- Identical flavouring substance.

Key Ingredients

Milk, Sugar, Instant coffee-chicory mixture

Allergen Information

Contains Milk.

  • 500g, when mixed with 3 litres of cold water and dispensed through a vending machine, will yield 15 cups of cold coffee.

  • 500g, when mixed with 4.5 litres of hot water and dispensed through a vending machine, will yield 45 cups of vanillaccino.

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