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Refresh your customers’ senses with NESTEA Iced Tea that infuses tea extracts with a tangy lemon flavour. Packed with flavourful taste, this Lemon Iced Tea is the perfect companion to refresh, rejuvenate and beat the summer heat!


You can also customize the drink using flavoured syrups to expand your cold beverage menu. We recommend Masala Iced Tea and Mojito Iced Tea for an irresistible summer drink menu.


This product can also be prepared manually or through a hot beverage vending machine to give Hot Lemon Tea, a relaxing black tea with a lemony punch to invigorate your senses.

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35 cups of 200ml serve size (cold consumption)

100 cups of 150ml serve size (hot consumption)

Storage Information

Store in a cool, dry and hygienic place.

Shelf Life

12 months


Sugar, Instant tea (2.0%), Acidity regulators (330 and 296), Nature-Identical (Lemon) Flavouring substances and Stabilizer (466).

Key Ingredients

Sugar, Tea extract, Lemon flavour

Allergen Information

May Contains Milk.

  • 1kg, when mixed with 7 litres of cold water and dispensed through a vending machine, will yield 35 cups of iced tea.

  • 1kg, when mixed with 10 litres of hot water and dispensed through a vending machine, will yield 100 cups of hot lemon tea.

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