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Tantalise your employees’ and customers’ taste buds with a decadent cup of hot cocoa that promises pure comfort and warmth in every sip. NESTLÉ Nesquik is a hot chocolate premix, to give a rich and smooth cup of hot chocolate that elevates the experience.


This product can also be dispensed through a cold vending machine such as Frio to give Iced Chocolate for a refreshingly chilled and indulgent experience.

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27 cups of 150ml serve size (hot consumption)

11 cups of 200ml serve size (cold consumption)

Storage Information

Store in a cool, dry and hygienic place.

Shelf Life

6 months


Sugar, Milk solids, Cocoa solids (12.8%), Iodized salt, Artificial (Vanilla) flavouring substances and Nature Identical flavouring substances

Key Ingredients

Sugar, Milk, Cocoa solids

Allergen Information

Contains Milk.

  • 500g, when mixed with 2.7 litres of hot water and dispensed through a vending machine, will yield 27 cups of hot chocolate.

  • 500g, when mixed with 2.2 litres of cold water and dispensed through a vending machine, will yield 11 cups of cold chocolate.

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