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Add Multiple Café Style coffee to your menu, from a cappuccino to latte – with  NESCAFÉ® Café Menu- Café Style Coffee Mix.   Just Add Hot Milk, Hot water & Sugar. No Equipment needed!

  • Serves variety of café style coffee
  • Customise as per your need
  • Simple & Instant Method of Preparation
  • Make single or multiple cups
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Serve multiple café like coffees

Whether it’s cappuccino or latte, prepare them instantly with this versatile coffee mix.

Flexible preparation

Customize the level of sugar, milk & water as per your customers’ needs.

Simple Method of Preparation

Just add the coffee mix, hot water and hot milk to a cup, and it’s done!

Make single or multiple cups

Make 1 Cup or make multiple cups in one go!

SKU specs



1 pack of 250g makes 43 cups

Storage Information

Store in a cool, dry and hygienic place. Always use a dry spoon.

Shelf Life

8 months.
Use within 15 days after opening.

  • Add 1 scoop (5.8g) NESCAFÉ® Café Menu-Café Style Coffee Mix to a cup.

  • Add 50ml hot water (85OC) to the cup.

  • Stir well in both directions.

  • Add 50ml hot milk (85OC).

  • Add sugar as per taste.

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