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When taste meets convenience your business certainly grows! Give your customers an experience of quickly served hot Chicken noodles with the delicious taste of MAGGI® Chicken Twist.

  • See your customers enjoying a cup of chicken noodles on the go
  • Hassle free and fast way to prepare chicken noodles by just adding hot water
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Chicken noodles on the go

See your customers enjoying a cup of chicken noodles on the go

Easy and fast way to prepare

Let taste meet convenience with MAGGI® Chicken Twist! Skip the long method of preparing noodles and just add hot water and instantly serve a hot cup of chicken noodles to your customers.

SKU specs

48 x 68g


Prepared product - Noodles - 68gm

Storage Information

Store in a cool, dry & hygienic place to protect from insects, pests & strong odors. For sale in India, Nepal and Bhutan only

Shelf Life

8 months

Key Ingredients

Refined wheat flour (Maida), Palm oil, Iodised salt + TASTEMAKER with dehydrated chicken and spices

Allergen Information


  • Fill boiling water upto the line inside

  • Add Cuppa Chicken TASTEMAKER

  • Close the lid. Hold for 4 mins.

  • Open and stir well before serving.

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