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Delight your customers by serving them delicious red sauce pasta made with the locally manufactured MAGGI® Professional Pasta Red Sauce mix that is easy to use.

  • Gives a saucy mouthfeel to your pasta.
  • Adds a rich coating to your pasta.
  • Provides irresistible flavors of herb and Tomato.
  • Helps retain texture, appearance, and flavor of dishes.

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Taste and convenience

Add the mouthwatering taste of Saucy tomatoes to your pasta with MAGGI® Professional Red Pasta sauce mix  that is convenient and easy to use.

Rich in look and taste

Serve you customers a bowl of pasta that not just tastes delicious but looks too.

Add the favors of herb and Tomato

Upgrade your pasta by easily adding the magical flavors of herbs and tomatoes.

Retain texture, appearance, and flavor

The red sauce is the key to make your dish look rich in texture, appearance and flavors that make it irresistible.

SKU specs



50 Serves

Storage Information

Store in a cool, dry, and hygienic place.

Shelf Life

6 months


Mixed spices (Onion powder, Dehydrated onion bits, Garlic powder (4.3%) , Roasted garlic flakes (4%), Red chili bits (1.5%), Capsicum extract, Black pepper powder, Coriander extract, Cumin extract), Sugar, Refined wheat flour (Maida), Tomato paste (15.1%), lodised salt, Palm oil, Flavour enhancer (635) , Oregano bits (1%) , Thickener (412) and Nature Identical Flavouring substance.

Key Ingredients

Mixed spices,Dehydrated onion bits, Dried garlic powder, Roasted garlic flakes, Red chilli bits, Spice extract blend Dehydrated tomato paste, Capsicum extract, Coriander extract, Cumin extract, Black pepper, Sugar, Refined wheat flour (maida), lodised salt, Oregano

Allergen Information

Contains Wheat│ May contains Milk & Soy

  • Take 10g of MAGGI® Professional Pasta Red Sauce Mix

  • Mix with 50 ml of water & 50 ml of tomato puree

  • Stir well and bring it to boil

  • Your sauce is ready!

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