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Made with Sri Lankan coconut MAGGI® Coconut Milk Powder gives creamy texture and authentic flavor to your recipes, making it perfect for creating a range of delicious dishes, that your customers will certainly relish.

  • Made from Sri Lankan Coconuts.
  • Rich, creamy taste and mouthfeel coming from naturally present coconut fat.
  • Easy to use and store without any worry, and can be used to make coconut cream and milk.
  • Versatile usage across: Savoury dishes, Sweets & Beverages.
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Made from Sri Lankan Coconuts

Let your customers relish the authentic and rich taste of Sri Lankan Coconut

Make your dish rich and creamy

Rich, creamy taste and mouthfeel coming from naturally present coconut fat make every dish even more interesting.

Easy to use and store

The format provides you ease of using as and when required.

Prepare variety of dishes

Use it as coconut cream or milk, and prepare variety of Savoury dishes, Sweets & Beverages

SKU specs

12 x 1kg


1kg MAGGI® Coconut milk powder gives 5 L -Thin Coconut Milk and 2 L Thick Coconut Cream

Storage Information

Store in a cool, dry, and hygienic place.

Shelf Life

15 months

Key Ingredients

Coconut milk solids.

Allergen Information

Contains Milk.

  • Mix the required amount of MAGGI® Coconut Milk Powder with warm water (approx. 35°C).

  • Coconut milk thickness can be adapted to each recipe by varying the amount of powder. It can also be used straight from the pack in recipes to give a delicious coconut flavor.

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