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Add the unique and irresistible Asian Wok flavor to your Oriental dishes effortlessly with MAGGI® Professional Rice Seasoning (Wok Flavor). It is easy to prepare and minimizes ingredients required to prepare end dishes. With usage across applications this can be further customized at chef's end.

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Add the magic flavors to your dish

With MAGGI® Professional Rice Seasoning minimize ingredients required to prepare multiple dishes.

Easy to prepare, easy to customize

With its simple 3 step preparation, you can prepare customized dishes for your customers and see them come back for more!

Give your dish the flavor of wok

Add the magical flavor of wok to your dishes and impress your customers

SKU specs



57 serves

Storage Information

Store in a cool, dry, and hygienic place.

Shelf Life

8 months


Mixed spices (Dried garlic (36%) , Red chilli bits (6%) and Capsicum extract), lodised salt, Sugar, Flavour enhancer (635) , Palm oil, Nature Identical (Wok) Flavouring Substance, Acidity regulator (330) , Dehydrated coriander leaves and Colour (150d) .

Key Ingredients

Mixed Spices, Iodised salt, sugar, dehydrated coriander

Allergen Information

May contains - Wheat, Milk, Mustard and Soy

  • Take 7g MAGGI® Professional Rice Seasoning (Wok Flavor)

  • Add 7g Cooking oil

  • Mix well with 200g of hot cooked rice/noodles. Your wok rice/noodle is ready!

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