Tips on Making Your Menu Card More Attractive

Posted: Tuesday 08, 2016

Whether you’re selling a service, products or food and beverages, a menu card helps the audience browse through the available options. But the design of the menu card is essential in working towards selling your work or brand effectively. Just before you design your menu card, go through below: Colour Palette Firstly, you should have a consistent colour palette. Don’t go overboard with colours while attempting to make your menu look attractive. Simplicity and minimalism are the keys. Keep your target audience in mind while choosing the colour combinations. There are several online colour palette generators which can help you select an appropriate fit for your product or service. Typography Typography of the menu card is a crucial element as well. If you have too many solid colours, use basic fonts. Your aim is to attract customers to your business not to distract them from it. It is advisable to not use more than three types of fonts. Also, avoid anything that is too curvy or difficult to read. Clear Section Headings This is important in drawing the attention of your customer. Having clear section headings make it easier for the customer to find what they’re looking for. If you have multiple cuisine, list them out instead of categorising them as breakfast, lunch and dinner and if you have too many variants of coffee and tea, label them separately. Putting these under one heading as beverages will confuse the customers. Psychology of the Reader While placing your sections, keep in mind the psychology of the reader. Research has proven that readers tend to look at the upper right hand corner of the menu more than anywhere else. So, strategic placements of products will help you to highlight them. If this sounds too complex, you can always get in touch with your local Nestle Professional contact, who can provide specially designed menu cards for your restaurant.