Making boring foods interesting - food art

Posted: Tuesday 07, 2016

Presentation in laying out a food dish does matter because food and beverages is one industry, where innovation and creativity knows no bounds. Even if it is the age old snack recipes of making pancakes; when you dab a layer of maple syrup and sprinkle a few choco-chips, the sight itself becomes a temptation. Creating a visual experience If you see shabbily arranged lettuce leaves garnished on an exotic Greek salad, wouldn’t it turn you off before you even tasted it? That is because, before the food is consumed, it has to be devoured by one of the strongest human senses – sight. It is not just the arrangement of the dish or the pleasing aroma, but also the colours on the dish presented that leave a lasting impression and affect the anticipation prior to consumption. Ordinary delights created extraordinarily The very fact that maggi can be cooked in numerous ways and yet the chef finds a way to surprise his guests, is something to marvel at. Be it the rosemary herb, a grind of black pepper, baby sun dried tomatoes, finely diced black olives or even honey glazed onions, how you use the ingredients to enhance the overall taste of a simple delicacy is the challenge. Brainstorm and experiment in the privacy of the kitchen before you serve in public. Prepared to perfection A major battle of achieving success in food art relies on the shoulders of how well cooked it is. Once you figure out your concoction, ensure that the sight the food promises, delivers to ace! Double check if the chicken pieces are tender and juicy, or if the fish is garnished with the right amount of mustard sauce. Imagine the customer’s delight when he can unabashedly indulge in relishing a visual delight and find it equally magnanimous. Trick or treat Food art doesn’t necessarily have to be something suave and elegant. A simple vegetable carving placed on the edge of the plate, a subtle pinch of chiseled almonds as a side dish, or even a slice of lemon dipped in honey can do the trick of being an added treat to the already appealing food. As for desserts, when it comes to nurturing the sweet tooth, the difference that one single ingredient makes in the Nestle milkmaid recipes is simply commendable. Ease it up with combos Have a system where you first politely inquire about the customer’s needs and then place a recommendation of the chef’s special. Go a step ahead and explain to the customer how the dish is cooked and what is so special about it, it speaks of your credibility as well as preps us their appetite making them look forward to a pleasant meal.