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Whether you are preparing an Indian Mithai, or any kind of western dessert, MILKMAID® is always there to add that delectable flavor to your desserts.

  • Effortlessly prepare all kinds of Indian or Western desserts with MILKMAID®.
  • Let your customer relish the caramelized taste.
  • Make any dessert dreamy with the thick and creamy texture of MILKMAID®.
  • Prepare any dessert in a jiffy with MILKMAID®.
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Prepare all kind of desserts

Effortlessly Prepare all kinds of Indian or Western desserts with MILKMAID® that is sure to sweeten up your customer’s mood.

The caramelized taste

Make your customers come back for more with the caramelized taste.

Thick and creamy texture

Serve your customers desserts that look like a dream by adding Thick and creamy MILKMAID®.

No milk? No worry

Replace The time-consuming task of condensing milk by using MILKMAID® as a quick & easy substitute.

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1kg = 2.6 L of double toned milk with Sugar added

Storage Information

Store in a cool, dry and hygienic place.

Shelf Life

For 5kg pack: 4 Months

For 2kg pack: 4 Months

Key Ingredients

Milk solids and Sugar.

Allergen Information

Contains Milk.

  • To make a fluid not below the composition of double toned milk (with sugar added) with the contents of this package, add 2.5 parts of water by volume to one part by volume of this sweetened condensed partly skimmed milk.

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